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Hello and welcome! The Penn State University's MSA is a strictly non-political faith-based organization created to unite the Muslim body and integrate with the State College community. We welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or faith, to be a part of our organization and ask any questions they may have. Feel free to browse through our site, check out our pictures, videos, and calendar of upcoming events. Our board is always available for questions, concerns, and feedback! PEACE.

The MSA at Penn State was founded in February of 1964 by four students with a vision to create a haven for Muslims on campus and to spread awareness and tolerance for Islam. While the founding members hailed from Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, and Indonesia, today's MSA has members that span five continents and 47 countries. With over 300 Muslim students at Penn State today, the MSA celebrates 50 years of being a leading voice for understanding at University Park. We have been recognized for our efforts with the Paul Robeson Award, one of the university's most distinguished honors, for our commitment to creating a climate of racial harmony and social justice at Penn State. To learn more about our organization and how it's run, take a look at our CONSTITUTION.

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